Apple Lossless metadata in movpkg

Does anybody know what metadata tag Apple is using to add the "Lossless" tag in the music app.

I have m4a ripped from Audio CD, its 44.1Khz/16bit. It doesn't show the "Lossless" tag in the music app. It would nice to see that tag in the music app.

I am suspecting, Apple is using some additional fields in the 'movpkg' file to indicate, if it is "Lossless", "Hi-Res Lossless" or "Spatial"

Did you rip these as regular 16bit/44.1kHz AAC or Apple Lossless (ALAC)? I believe only ALAC will show up as “Lossless” in this case.

It is ALAC, file extension is same m4a for both AAC n ALAC.

MOVPKG is the new extension that Apple is using for lossless, Hi-Res and spatial.

I inspected the file in mediainfo, it doesn’t look anything like m4a.

FYI: also mp3tag doesn’t read it.

If we understand the metadata structure in MOVPKG and recreate the same for our personal library. We should be able to see the bit/freq information on all Apple music players, iphone, ipad, mac, pc etc

MOVPKG is apparently an archive of an HLS stream with M3U containing fragmented MP4s .frag instead of the more traditional MPEG transport stream files .ts. Regardless, it should be possible using FFmpeg or similar tools to remux this into an MP4 file – or possibly multiple ones. However, I haven’t tried it myself and couldn’t find a confirmed Howto yet.

In your first post you referred to ripping a CD. That is different than a download of the new high res formats Apple has just made available. However at this time they have made these exclusively available through Apple Music subscribers, and they are not available to buy and download separately at this time. So like other subscription services, the files are not going to be easy to manipulate.

my goal is to package my collection which are ripped from CD/vinyl to MOVPKG so that I can see which ones of mine collection are LOSSLESS while listening to the songs, it also shows bitrate and frequency in the music player which is cool