Applied an action in mp3tag but not showing on hard drive?


I posted this on a Windows forum, but honestly I should of posted on this forum instead. Below you will see my post and I am doing a copy/paste.

The action that was done:

Format value
Action (quick)
String: $num(%discnumber%,1)-]$num(%track%,2) %title%

OK, so I have music on an external hard drive and my question should be the same by doing this on an internal drive. I used MP3tag and I applied an action that changes the TITLE not the filename. In MP3tag it does show the way I want it. But by navigating on my hard drive it does not show anything under the title but the filename all the way to the left it does show the track number and the track title but I changed it to affect the TITLE and change the track title numbers in mp3tag, but it does not show those changes on my hard drive. How do I see it on my hard drive?

It is a little difficult to understand what you want.
I gathered that the WE does not show the tags you expected.
Check if you have written V2.4 tags. WE does not comply with V2.4 - it only shows V2.3.
Also, it is sometime an idea to check the files with mp3val.

Never mind because I figured it out the way I want it.

The easy and understanding way is convert tag to filename.

I thought, you didn't see the tags?! I am confused now as the filename has very little to do with the tag data.
Also, I would not mess up the TITLE field in such a way that it holds the information of structured fields like DISCNUBER, TRACK and TITLE in just a single field - and by this becoming an unstructured mass of characters.
You can compose a filename with all the data you put into TITLE with the mentioned convert function.
Also, you can set the Windows Explorer to use a different template for a folder so that the displayed columns show specific data
In WE open the properties of a folder, tab folder Customize and select the template for Music.
In the "Details" view you should now see the contents of selected tag fields.

I may be incorrect and I might be misunderstanding your last reply. I do apologize if I am not understanding correctly. I do have a question about your last reply. If I understand correctly than what you mean is by applying actions like above to the TITLE field would mess up the title but instead you would recommend is with that same string is convert to filename and use that in the filename and not in the title?

Yes. I think.
As far as I understood the proceedings, you first modified the TITLE field to have all the data in that field and then you apply the Convert>Tag-Filename function with the mask

Instead I would leave the data in the tags separated in the specific fields and then use the convert>Tag-Filename function with a mask like
$num(%discnumber%,1)-']'$num(%track%,2) %title%

Before I did the convert tag to filename and what I added to the title field I did the undo first.

When I did the undo, I used the following string in covert>Tag-Filename.

$num(%discnumber%,1)-]$num(%track%,2) %title%

Looks fine to me.
I think that the "$num(%discnumber%,1)" has the same effect as a plain %discnumber%