"Apply" button for quick actions (like find&replace)

I'd like to suggest an "Apply" button for (some) quick actions. That would really help cleaning up very inhomogenous titles.
An example would be replacing all square brackets with round ones. Now the action has to be opened twice, once for opening brackets and once for closing ones. Would be nicer to have the apply button so the dialogue doesn't close and can be re-used without filling the relevant fields again.

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Or you could use an action of the type "Replace with regular expressions"
Search string: \[(.*)\]
Replace: ($1)

RegExes are nice, but I use them so rarely that when I do I have forgotten all about them and have to read into how to use them again, that makes them very inefficient for me. And especially when brackets come into play it gets into level-2-complication because they have to be escaped and stuff.

You are welcome to use the forum and ask for advice.
Now, if you do not like regular expressions, you could also use an action of the type "Format value" with something like this
Format string: $replace(%title%,'[','(',']',')')

Thank you for your advice.
However, the brackets were merely an example for that application. The point is to have a fast and easy tool at hand to deal with quite unique quirks which don't occur on a regular basis and may be very specific to a release or an artist.
For my everyday tagging tasks, I use action groups, some also with regexes, because it's worth figuring them out because they are used all the time. But for the exceptions, it's easier to fix them even without the 'apply' button than to bother people on the forum or learn how to regex again and again. But the 'apply' button would make this task much more efficient.
Coincidentally, I just needed the format string you provided for another thing, thanks :slight_smile:

And another way:
you can use the function Convert>Tag-Tag for a specific field and enter a format string there, also, e.g. the one for replacing - it works similar to the format value action.
The last format string is remembered and offered the next time you open the converter. It should be an easy thing to modify the settings.
So right now you know at least 3 ways to achieve your goal.
I wonder when the 4th option will be implemented.

My point was not to simply achieve the goal, I can do that. The goal is to do it fast and as a no-brainer. The format strings are not no-brainers anymore. Even if the format string is remembered, I'd have to look up how to modify them if I want to replace strings containing quote signs.
However, I thank you for the possibilities you showed up to work with the program and I hope to keep them in mind for further uses, but this thread was meant to be about adding the 'apply' button, which, I still think, would be a useful addition.

I have the same problem

I can attest to that

After years of using Mp3tag, I ended up with a big cleaning action that consists of 233 steps; including things like removal of whitespaces in brackets- because I established a system in which brackets [if present] bear some very specific technical info. Most of these steps are extremely plain- thus easy to spot on that long list and easy to read them

And so you can start building your own system and add to your configurations whatever actions you may think of, step by step; ending up with a single two clicks [actions icon and then the cleaning action]