Applying actions automatically

Okay so the first issue is resolved with the trick you mentioned. I specified a non-existent folder and now program starts up with an empty list.

Regarding automation of the Actions, I'm not tagging files manually but through an online database. Thus I was hoping there would be a way to apply the selected actions automatically once the program finished writing the tags scraped from an online database.

Now as I understand, there's no way to do this. Okay so manually it is.

One last thing, is there an action to also rename the files like with this template %tracknumber% %title% ?

There's EDIT>Rename but it requires manually editing the names track by track. I was hoping something like Actions could automate this task where I specify a template and it is applied to all the tracks. I looked into actions but couldn't find anything.

Thank you for being with me, you've been very helpful.

Sure there is. You can do this with the converter Tag->Filename (with the benefit of an immediate preview) or with an equivalent action of the type "Format Value" for _FILENAME.

As @poster already answered, you can use the menu Convert -> Tag - Filename
(or press ALT + 1).
There you can use many placeholders in the format string as mentioned in the help.

I suggest, that you use some kind of separator between %track% and %title%, in your format string, like
%track% - %title%
%track%. %title%
but this is completely up to you.
Just check the preview directly under your format string:

@poster @LyricsLover

Thank you yet again. Yes your solution works. But for the featuring artists, title is like "On est la (feat.Jet)"
the same thing gets applied to the file name like 01. On est la (feat.Jet).flac

Is there any way to remove that "(feat. Jet)" part from filenames so that it looks like 01. On est la.flac ?

Sure. But please use the search function first in this forum. There are many of already existing answers to do exactly this.

If you are not successfull or have any specific problem using the Convert Tag->Filename again (or the actions), let us know.

Thank you for the response. Found the solution here:

@poster mentioned ""Format Value" for _FILENAME" say if I want to rename the the files using "Format Value" action, what do I need to put in the "Format String" to get the %track% %title% format?

The same format string as you would put in the Convert Tag -> Filename:

The obvious difference between this two possibilities (Convert vs Action) is the missing preview in the Action.

BTW: Your linked regular expression \s*\(.*\) does replace ANY occurence of
a space
followed by an opening bracket
followed by any content
until and including a closing bracket

As an example this would transform "This is my (important) Text" into "This is my Text".
This is was the OP in the linked topic requested with "the best way to remove a phrase that is in parenthesis from a Filename". He doesn't restricted the removal to the existence of the word "feat." nor "feat" nor "ft" nor "featuring" in parenthesis.

Hoorey!! That works. Thanks!

I'm sorry but that is all I could find that works. If you have a better expression, I shell be very grateful to you.

If it works for you then there is no need to change it.

Please review every action you apply to your tracks. It is highly recommended to backup your songs before you change the medata in it.

Understood. So this is all sorted. Thank you for the support @LyricsLover I couldn't have done this without you.

Now I'm having some trouble with case conversions and standard actions, I'll create a separate topic for it in a bit.

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