Applying replaygain info in Foobar changes tags

when i scan and update replaygain tags in foobar, it changes ALBUMARTIST to ALBUM ARTIST. this change means that the ALBUMARTIST doesnt get recognized in mp3tag. any solutions?

If this happens in Foobar, I would ask over there - what has MP3tag to do with that?
You could check in Foobar>Preferences>Advanced>Tagging ... if TPE2 is mapped to Album Artist which claims to be more compatible.
What files are we talking about? MP3s?

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sorry bout that. and yes, i am talking about mp3s

also, tpe2 is not mapped to album artist. could this be the problem?

I would say that you could easily try if that solves your problem.
I have set that mapping and do not have your problem.

i have tried it and it still occurs. i will try asking in the foobar subreddit

Are we talking about that Foobar shows "Album Artist" or that Mp3Tag shows "Album Artist"?
Foobar showing "Album Artist" is normal. As long as MP3Tag shows "Albumartist" I can't see a problem. It's just the same tagfield with different names.
Did you save tin Foobar after changing the TPE2-Setting?

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foobar reads Albumartist but changes Albumartist to Album Artist after applying replaygain. that is what my issue is

I think that this is the solution to the issue with Album Artist and TPE2 in foobar2000. It's important that the file's tags are rewritten, which is probably only the case when something is changed.

Can you please recheck? If it doesn't work, please let us know the steps you've performed.

i have tried by mapping and unmapping tpe2 tags but the albumartist field gets changed in both cases

i have also tried changing fields in the properties dialog

also I did not understand what he meant by saving tin foobar

By saving is meant changing the tags of the file in foobar2000, e.g., by changing the album artist or any other tag field — basically to make sure the file gets rewritten using the updated settings.

saving the tags in foobar has worked, but doing this en mass would be inefficient

Nice. You can also save in batches using foobar2000 — just select multiple files to update their tags.

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