Applying tags to a partial CD is difficult

Suppose I select all the files that make up a CD, and tag them. If then, I select just the 4 last tracks of a CD, and restart the look-up, I am presented with 2 lists: the left side has the complete list of tags, and the right side has the tracks that were selected.

It would be nice to allow tagging to start at a specific track number. I assume the small arrows next to the right pane function as a "move up" and "move down" buttons, but it's not intuitive how to use them, and neither is the "Suggest ordering" button.

Any suggestion on how to accomplish this easily? Or is it better to just select all the tracks on a CD before I tag them?

Hi Calin,

normally you are tagging files from a whole album so tagging files with an offset would be a very special case.

Why not using the up/down arrow button in this case? What is so unintuitive with that?

~ Florian

:astonished: version 2.10 has the 'Adjust ID3-Information' window resizable !!!

But... long paths still doesn't appear complete on left pane.

Maybe if appears just only the file name, without the complete path in the left pane will help to tag partial CDs :wink:

PS: ::slight_smile: someone should punish those ppl who share incomplete albums on P2P programs :smiley: