Approaches to folder structure for multi-disc albums


Thanks for the response - yep think i will


it doesn't make sense to me to merge 2 and under and separate 3 and over, and I don't know if a pgm will do that automagically.

in my case, I always put the cd in the album title, something like:

Quadrophenia (CD2)

%albuminterpret% is just EAC's mapping of "Album Artist"


garym, you say its enough information to just call filenames track# - title, which i think is true if tags are correct, if your browsing in windows and there is more than one disc you can organise by 'part of a set' which is windows' strange way of saying disc number.
But what happens when it comes to flac files? windows wont display tag info on flac files so flac albums of more than one disc appear like 01-title 01-title 02-title 02-title, with no way of organising them correctly. Any ideas?

Does this mean you would have Artist/Album(cd1),Album(cd2)/tracks?

Well i just think Albums with 2 discs usually contain few enough tracks to keep the folder tidy, and maybe some with 3, but when albums start to get as big as 4 with each cd having 20-30tracks - thats 120 individual files in one folder.

Though i know what you mean, it sort of upsets a standard format of all multi-disc albums either having all tracks in one folder or all tracks in individual disc folders.


Not really. I don't do much browsing of my music files with windows explorer. I browse them typically using mp3tag although sometime browse them with foobar2000. With windows explorer I'm just browsing to find the right folder/subfolder, but not using windows functions to see any of the metadata. So I don't have any thoughts on this as I never do what you are suggesting.

yes, or more like:


but I don't do this. If I have multiple CDs (even only 2), I have:



I don't use this approach (see above). But there is nothing wrong with it. Just matter of personal right or wrong answer here. Just come up with a scheme that matches how you think about things and use that.


I'm currently overhauling my whole music library, was just a total mess with no structure what so ever, included in this im looking at using a new player, was thinking foobar, but havnt installed yet as im also formatting soon so not much point. Does it have a browser type function? Not like open folder and the use windows browser, i mean like built in, so i could click the folder "artist" which would dropdown all albums by artist etc etc

Completely agree with this, and as you say if after a while of use you dont like it, its a sinch to change it up automatically with mp3tag.


hmmm. Not exactly. But sort of. Depending on which interface one is using, you can browse by artist, then see all albums of that artist, etc. Totally customizable. I like to use the FACETS component along with basic foobar2000 to give me a very easy to use customizable browsing interface. I can browse by file type, compilation (or not), genre, album artist, album, etc. in a very easy manner. Just play around a bit. But the first thing you really need to do is get your tags correct and your filenames in some sort of organized stucture. tags are most important.


Yep, got my tags sorted now so gonna try and get at least a trial folder and file structure up and running, to see if i like it, guess once the tags are done it only takes a min to change really.
Yeah that facets thing is just what i meant, just a way to interactivley browse the library. I found this picture which looks really nice:
So you have the little window on the top right that contains dropdowns for artists and albums, looks really cool - is this another 'component' are they called?


here's how I've setup facets in my foobar2000 setup. looks very similar to the old itunes setup (but more flexible and more info)

And there's more columns with more info that you can't see in the picture. And the panel on far left has various tabs (views) as well.


oooo nice!! yeah its itunes-ish, except your version is more clear than i remember itunes being, excited to get mine all neat and sorted like that!
Wonder how i can find what component was in that picture i linked you? maybe post on the forum i found it, hah messing up lots of forums with my many many posts :laughing:


Yep, we're way off topic now. There are unlimited ways to use foobar2000 and its flexible settings. I'm not particularly worried about the way mine looks. Just want to see info when I'm looking at it trying to find things. Anyhow, this gives you some ideas. The forums host a foobar2000 forum. You can read around there for a bit....


Awesome - thanks for the advice, will head over there and take a look.