Approaches to folder structure for multi-disc albums

Hello, wondering if i could get peoples thoughts on the following:
What are peoples approaches to organising folders for multi-disc albums. Is it better to seperate the discs into seperate folders i.e: Artist/Album/disc1(tracks), disc2(tracks)
or keep them together i.e: Artist/Album/all tracks.


I keep all the tracks in the same folder and use the "Discnumber" tag to identify which disc the racks belong to.

When I rip the discs initially they end up in separate sub folders like this:
--Album name Disc#1
--Album name Disc#2

I renumber the tracks in each folder and rename them so that don't have any duplicate track numbers in the album folder:
%track% - %title% - %artist%

Then I move them all into the first Album folder, delete the empty folders and remove any unnecessary text from the remaining folder e.g. "Album name Disc 1"

There are probably easier ways of doing this and I expect I'll work them out as time goes on but it works for me at the moment.


I make my decision depending on how many tracks are involved.

In any way I use 3-dgit tracknumbers where the first digit stands for the disk number.

Generally I keep all the disks in one folder.
If the consequence is that there are too many tracks in the folder that makes it difficult to overlook handle on a screen, I decide to make subfolders for the disks.
If the disks have seperate album names, I use subfolders too.

all methods equally useful...just a matter of taste. I use:


One benefit I see from this. If I want to check a disk back to ACCURATERIP database (using foobar2000 > utilies for example), one must do this disc by disc (not the entire multidisc set). So in a browsing window, I can easily right click on just the "disc1", load up in foobar2000, and then check for match back to accuraterip database. Of course if all are in the same folder, I can open the entire album, just select in foobar2000 the disk1 files, and do the same thing. Again, just a matter or preference.

Well that is just a step to the final solution.
Ripping, tagging and so on come before and during that work I have a lot of different working folders.

When I am talking about my folder structure I mean the final folder structure when all work is done.

I'm talking about my final folder structure as well. Keep in mind that some of the CDs I rip don't end up showing up in the database (except for my rip) for years afterwards (i.e., artists that are not widely known). So I might be checking AccurateRip results on previously ripped CDs several years later.....

but like I said....there is no right answer here, only personal preferences.

I agree with Gary, one CD (or physical album source) = one folder. I haven't found anything yet that doesn't work well with. I have found problems using other ways.

but it is a matter of personal preference. in my case, I always want multiple artworks for multiple CDs, so for example, a box set would show 4 times the same art in browsing my collection if there were 4 CDs.

I alsways embed the front-cover in the tags.

I use a single "cover.jpg" file (try for 1000x1000 size) in the album subdirectory for my FLAC files, but I do have one within each "disc #" subfolder. For my lossy library (mp3) I embed the front cover (reduced to 300x300). This makes the mp3 files show cover art no matter how I might end up using them in some other folder, etc.

Thanks for the reply guys i like this:

nice logical sense.

As does this:

Think i may do a mix so if its just two discs keep them in the same folder but if its 3+ (or if the discs have seperate names) make seperate folders.

So the next question what are peoples approaches to file naming. I know in players naming of tracks is usually controlled by tags, but when browsing in windows its nice to have them in some kind of format. What do you use?


01 - tracktitle
02 - tracktitle


01 - tracktitle - trackartist
02 - tracktitle - trackartist

(my compilation CDs are in folder structure like:

x:\music\compilations\album name\tracks....

Do you find that is substantial information for filename? I like it because its small and clean not artist - album - track - title. Just a worry that i may run in to issues with it further down the line.
What if an album has multiple discs? wont it organise like 01 - name 01 - name 02 - name 02 - name? How do you tell windows to organise by cd in correct track number without having a file name like artist - album - disc - track - title

No, this is plenty because all that other data I already have as part of the tag (metadata). Perhaps you didn't realize that with mp3tag, one can always select your files, choose CONVERT > tag to filename, enter the info you want it to use (the "mask") and recreate filenames, directories, subdirectories, etc. For example, a mask like this:

.\%artist%\%album%$num(%track%,2) - %title%

For example, I could dump all 225,000 tracks I have into one single directory. And even change the name of every file to be just, randommusic.flac. But with mp3tag, I could use the convert function to automatically move all the files back into the correct directory, subdirectory, multialbum disk subdirectory, with the correct track number, track name file name.

Yeah im currently trying to work out the correct way of getting it to do exactly what i want though

It's pretty powerful. One can use REG EXPRESSIONS and make it do almost anything you want.

I use EAC to rip, it detects comps from regular albums based on artist mismatch.


%albuminterpret%\%albumtitle%\%artist% - %tracknr2% - %title%


%albuminterpret%\%albumtitle%\%albumtitle% - %tracknr2% - %artist% - %title%

Was wondering how i could make it create a seperate folder for albums with more than two discs?
Ive got this so far:
C:\Music\%artist%\%album%\%artist% - %album% - $num(%track%,2) - %title%
(but like you say it may be better just to use track - title for filename)

But i want to say if there are more than 2 discs create seperate folders here:
C:\Music\%artist%\%album%\DISC1 DISC2 DISC3 (etc)\%artist% - %album% - $num(%track%,2) - %title%

What does this do? %albuminterpret%

Yep, my dynamic naming string in dbpoweramp (how I rip) does the same thing automatically as well.

I think %albuminterpret% is something based on EAC not on mp3tag. but not sure. Anyhow, for how to do a mask based automatically on whether there are multidisks, I'm not sure. This takes a bit of reg expression programing in the mask or similar. Some members around here like Ohrenkino or DetlevD will know how to do this. Maybe you should start a new thread on this particular issue (subject: automatic detect multidisk in "tag to filename" conversion)