Are "Encoder" Tags really necessary...?

So maybe like 5% of my music files used the LAME 3.10, 3.9, or Lavc57.64 codecs for example to create my Mp3's.

I was wondering, are these Tags "really" necessary to have in the files, especially since MOST don't have the encoder indicated?

I'm trying to make my data perfect and consistent, not have unnecessary cluttering stuff.
Curious.... Thanks :slight_smile:

No tag is “necessary” but some prefer to keep of track of what encoder and version they used for reference. It would be challenging to go back to get the files that are missing this information completed, but I can’t say deleting the ones you have is going to save you much as far as file size goes.

And regarding “perfect” tags… I’m sure there are many here that would agree, there may be no such thing! :rofl:


As @MotleyG already wrote, it is completely up to you, which metadata you want to keep or delete or add. There are a lot of useful metadata, but none of them is mandatory or necessary. Your music - and this should be the most important - plays perfectly without any of this tags and frames.

+1 :+1: :blush:

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Thanks guys... I had heard that some players might "need/want" that info? But I didn't see the point.

So, just checking. Thanks much.

You have to differentiate between the ID3 tags and the MP3 info tag.
Lame, for example, describes the MP3 info tag as far as I know and stores Econder information there (Lame header). But this is not a tag that you can edit with MP3Tag.
Some info tools display this data stored in the file, e.g. B. "Media Info."
Mp3Tag shows some of this information if you right-click on a file in MP3Tag and select Properties.

In addition, there are ID3V2 tag fields that can also contain such information. They can be edited with MP3Tag, e.g. the ENCODERSETTINGS tag field.

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Yes... It's the "ENCODERSETTINGS" Tag...

Okay great, sounds like then that it's perfectly fine that I delete that then since it's an ID3 Tag, which is different from "header info". Thanks much all.