Are the results of actions automatically saved?

Sorry for so basic a question or if I missed the answer in searching this forum, but when I run an action, are the changed tags automatically saved, or do I need to hit "save" after the action finishes? I have not added anything to my action that seems to perform a save, and I can't find any command that will do just this.

If I do need to hit "save" if if I haven't added something to do this to the action yet, is there a command I can add to each action to save results as a last step to automate this? Thanks for any help.

yes, results of actions are saved automatically.

isn't that simple to find out yourself by just checking the result after a action?

Yes, I saw that one or two test actions seemed to be saved, but not knowing much about Mp3tag or its actions or commands yet, I wanted to be careful with this, and didn't want to make a big assumption that could be untrue or be different depending on the action.

Thanks for responding!