Aren't there more ID3 fields? Like 'Composer', etc



In Winamp's tag editor, you have all sorts of fields after the comment field.

I especially use the "Composer" field or Original Artist field especially for soundtrack music or remixed music.

I am using your great program for everything else, but when I encounter mp3's like described above, then I have to manually edit each file-by-file in Winamp (slow).


as I understand, mp3tag will support user defined tag fields in a upcoming version :music:


ALT+T is what you are looking for. :slight_smile:


As of now only with the latest Development Build.


Ok I see, so those other fields I see under ID3v2 in Winamp are not official, and are what the Winamp people added?

I ID3v2 flexible that way that any program/person can customize after the initial standard fields?

I did get the BETA, and tried Alt-t, ie the Tags window. It's great that I can see all that stuff now, and change them, but is it possible to put all those extra tag fields onto the left side window?

It's sort of tedious doing alt-t for each MP3 and clicking so many times to edit those extra fields.

I feel good that soon you guys will have such a good program, I will keep it installed and keep looking back to your site.... i can't wait !!!!


No, those ID3v2 frames are official, but MP3Tag added support for them only in version 2.16a IIRC.

Yes, adding custom frames is possible, but might cause problems with other editors. However, as I said, the fields Winamp displays are official.

I don't think Florian will do that because there are a lot of ID3v2 frames: .

You can select multiple files. :wink:

I am sure you won't be disappointed. :smiley: Oh, by the way... Florian is the only developer AFAIK.

Sebastian Mares