Array of actions > One single action

Hello fellow users!

I was wondering what's the quickest way to create one single action from a group of pre-existing ones?

If you really want to merge action groups, my guess is that the fastest way is to find the .mta files for the action groups, which are simple text files. Copy and past the individual actions into a single .mta file and renumber them. If you examine a couple of the .mta files it will become self-explanatory.

But a better way is to use another capability built in to Mp3tag. Under the 'Utils' (Utilitários) button you can save sets of checked actions and then later load a saved set. This is a lot more flexible, because you can easily edit or reorder the set (and save them again), or add or remove one or more actions before applying them.

For the purpose i want to achieve i will follow the archaic method of copying pasting all actions into a single MTA file. Your second method doesn't convert all MTA files into a single one, it just arrays the action titles into one MTG file.

Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile: