art/pictures not being written

Using V2.46a, trying to write tags and art to files that I streamed from the net, therefore no existing tags.
Program will write all written info (artist, title etc) but when I highlight the file name in right side pane, then right click on the blank space where the artwork is supposed to appear, and click on add cover, I am told tags have been written, and all info is there, but sadly the artwork never "takes". If I then try to remove cover, and then add cover, same thing, no artwork, tho the artwork DOES show in the proper pane in the program .
Whassup with that ? It worked for me for several days, now it doesn't. I did an uninstall, then reinstall, no difference.
As far as I know, pc has not been changed in any way, no programs added. Scan with Malwarebytes shows no virus, etc.
Is my 15 minutes up already ? :music:

I did a sytem restore and went back 2 days & its working ok now. I had noticed I got some auto windows updates yesterday, so maybe that affected a registry entry somehow.

Have you checked, what kind of tags you store in the tracks? E.g. if you have APE tags they overwrite MP3 tags. You see the kind of tag in the window title of the extended tags dialog.

If you have APE tags, then remove them (see FAQs in this forum).