artist album action help

I figured it out, sorry for the post,
but i do have another question,

ho do i change the filenames of all my music files, to be

artist - title


With the :mt_ttf: Tag - Filename converter and %artist% - %title% as format string.

alright, thanks a lot, and then the last question that have is,

i want to put track number onto all of my songs, is there a way to just highlight all my songs, and do this, or do i have to individually go through all the songs, and find the ones that are by the same artist, and then put in the track number that way?

Mark songs with same artist and try "auto numbering wizard" [Ctrl + K].

ya i know about that, but i was wondering like if i could do all my songs at once, like just highlight all my songs, and then have it automatically number them, like the program knows when there is a new artist, start the numbering again ?

any idea, so that i dont have to go through all the songs, and each time there is a new artist, i have to hit CTRL + K?

If your tracks are ordered in sub-folder, you can tell Mp3tag to reset the counter when processing files from another directory. If not, you can't. :slight_smile:

ahh okay well thanks for the help...this is a fantastic program!