Artist / Album Script in 3.13

Apologize if my previous reply was attached to someone else' topc.

Something I noticed recently, when using Artist /Album script... script does not recognize Artist and or Album. Message: Sorry can't find, etc..

  1. I know it's correct. Verified from Discogs, the exact syntax.
  2. Only way to get info is to use either the album or the artist as a single search... and then you can download the tag.
  3. However, even after you get the info from script and try to do a Artist/Album search of the same artist, the Artist/Album still comes back that it doesn't exist.

Any idea what's going on... Has anyone else run across this issue. This is only for the Artist & album Search. If necessary, I'll reinstall the 3.13


No, that is the correct way to reply.

Put your questions about a script in the topic where you downloaded the script.

I close this thread.