"artist - album" to text file

i'm looking for a way to set up a text file that lists every artist and album in a directory. so for instance,

/beatles - revolver
-1. Taxman
-2. Eleanor Rigby
-3. I'm only sleeping

becomes "beatles - revolver" - and just one entry, rather than an entry for every revolver track.

i'm doing this because my music library is too large to properly tag in one sitting, many folders have odd names, but i'd still like to have a quick and easy way to refer to what albums i already have by an artist.

Try this line for the export script and experiment a little until you have the right layout:

$filename(txt,utf-8)$loop(%_directory%,1)%_folderpath%: %artist% - %album%$char(13)$char(10)$loopend()