Artist and Album Artist


I have a compilation CD (K&D) where each music has a different artist.

I supose I should have:
Album Artist: K&D
Album: The K&D Sessions
Artist: Change for each music

However i can only see Artist in my tags list...

How can i do this?


Have you looked at the file infos in itunes? itunes uses a checkbox Part in compilation to mark albums with multiple artists. itunes does not use an album artist tag.
You can change that also in Mp3tag if you use ALT+T and add a tag
ITUNESCOMPILATION with the value 1
But you need the 2.32t version to do that. (but only use this version for mp3 files, not aac)


I am using only .m4a files so I supose I can't solve this with mp3tag, right?

How can I solve this?

In iTunes file info I can see the tags:
Artist, Composer...
Then I see a check button named "Part of a Compilation".

How does this work? Is this it?


Yes, check that option in itunes for all files that are on an album with different artists.