Artist and Music name inside the FILENAME field


I´m new at this forum. Sorry for my bad english.

Well, I would like to know what is the way to separate Artist name and Music name that are toguether inside the FILENAME field. They are separated by "-" character. In fact I need to move the artist name to the correct field. I´m sending one example;

09 - Henrique Cazes - With A Little Help From My Friends

I need to move Henrique Cazes to artist field and to delete "- " from the filename.

I do not understand very well about scripts and actions.

I hope someone can help me with the procedure.



Menu>Convert>Filename - Tag. (Alt + 2)

Then use mask:
%dummy% - %artist% - %dummy%

Afterwards use the following:

Action type: Replace
Original: '- '
Replace with: BLANK

[ ] only as whole word

[ ] case-sensitive comparison

See following pictures how to disassemble the filename using the dialog
"Mp3tag/Convert/Filename - Tag" ...

See following picture how to assemble the filename using the dialog
"Mp3tag/Convert/Tag - Filename" ...

I want to mention that the parts are not separated by the character "-" ().
In the given example file name the parts are separated by the " - " string ().


So many thanks for this help. It´s exactally what I need.


What a wonderfull explanation! Thanks. I´ll try to learn a little bit more about this great MP3 tool.

BTW, are there some scripts to get rid of all those characters that are not standard, and do not appear correctlly on display, just like accents an others Example: ~ ^ ´ ` etc?

Maybe another topic about this is already posted.

Best regards