Artist Bio Info

Forgive me if I've missed the answer somewhere here in the forum. I've searched, but had no luck.

I have been tagging some MP3's for myself and an artist friend so that on download that information is provided.

I am wondering which tag (if this is correct) provides the artist bio? Can this be accomplished in MP3 Tag?

I've 'testing' the download file with several players to see that the tagging is what I want. Microsoft's new 'Groove' mobile lists 'Artist, Album and Bio' and I would like to know how to populate that field if possible from editing the file in MP3Tag.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

beck :unsure:

You need to find out what field the application reads when displaying the desired information.
One way is to use the other application to write the tag to a file.
Or, find a file for which the app displays the desired information.
Then load the file into Mp3tag.

If the field value appears in the Extended Tags dialogue :mt_tag: , then you can see where to write that field so that it will be read by the target application.
If it does not appear, then Mp3tag probably does not support that field, for that file type.

Also, see here:

Thank you 'ryerman!' I'll give that a try.

I did read on Groove and further in BandPage Support that an artist has to have 3 songs with them to post a bio. There is also "BandPage" which I understand was purchased by Google and will tag bio's as well, but not syndicate them. The bio has to be entered in Groove as well I take from that. Oh well, interesting.

Thank you again MUCHO for the help! :smiley:

Or the application has a database of its own and stores the data there without transfer to the tags in the files.

You're correct. Further research into it and that's what I discovered.

Thank you both for your help! :smiley: