Artist categories in tag info

I noticed that in the mp3tag software, the category you have called "Artist" actually connects to the "Contributing Artist" category in the tag info instead of the "Album Artist" category...

Should this work this way?

This software is used to reference/correct lots of information about a song, but the main info, in my opinion, would be the Album Artist, The Album Title and Title of the Song. Contributing artists could just be some of the backup singers or such, but not be the album artist. So if I wanted to go buy the song/album, I would not be looking up the "Contributing Artist", I would be looking for the Album Artist, which is located near the bottom of the list in your software...seems a bit confusing for me.
Is this some sort of error, or was this intentionally done this way?

This is the honest intention - and has been sind 2004. The term "contributing artist" is used by Windows and leads to confusion IMHO.
Other players use other names.
The ID3V1 standard only knows the ARTIST - which is the contributing artist. The album artist was introduced with ID3V2. And to cater for the lowest of these standards, you have to activate all the fields that do not belong to the V1 standard. These fields then appear at the bottom of the list.
You are free to label the columns and input fields in the tag panel as you like, the field variables that show you the contents stay the same, though. And you can arrange the order of fields in the tag panel so that they fit your requirements. The same applies to the order of the columns.

This may be true for EPs and ordinary pop albums but does not fit e.g. compilations (there is no real album artist but only contributing artists), classical music (who is the real artist? the composer, the conductor, the orchestra, the soloist?) and audiobooks (who is the artist? the author, the actors/speakers, the producer?)

But as users have different approaches, MP3tag offers functions to customize the layout, add, remove, move fields. Go ahead, make yourself a nice GUI layout.


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