Artist cf Contributing Artist Weird error

i was fixing some odd files where ther naming/importing got completely screwed up and i was left with fragments

so i went through finding correct artist and adding/changing in MP3Tag

and i saved

and a very weird scary thing thing happened at some point -

MP3Tag lost (most of) my changes/additions to Artist field, ie lie attachemnt, most of (not all) the Artist fields i added were gone

so i was about to get vey upset

but i noticed in AIMP, it was stil showing all the added Artists

and in WinExp it was showing all Srtists additions too - but under field 'Contributing Artists'

now, i read that there is some confusion with tags Artist and Contributing Artists; but in this case, i ENTER new data in MP3Tag under Artist - and it shows up under Contributing Artist - which MP3Tag does not
have as a field!!!! -= and does NOT show up as Artist in MP3Tag


  1. wtf happened?

  2. how do i get data from Contributing Artist into Artist field?

many thanks


What kind of tag versions do you find in the MP3 files? APE? ID3V2.3? ID3V2.4?
What kind of tag versions do you read and write? APE? ID3V2.3? ID3V2.4?

no idea.
pls explain relevance

See the documentation about tag settings:

And depending on the settings and whether you keep the various tag versions in sync and what your player reads it may look like information is lost.
A screenshot of the extended tags dialogue of a single selected file with missing data would be nice.

I highly doubt that mp3tag arbitrarily moved or deleted only the artist tags. Of all the screenshots that you posted, the missing and most relevant one is for the Extended Tags window of one of these files, from mp3tag. This will provide a list of all current tag fields for the selected file, and from there you will find where that data is stored.

Very relevant. Some programs do not display some of these tag versions, or have a priority if both exist to show one over the other. And has been explained many times here in the past, Windows Explorer is not a media manager, and is the last application I would use to demonstrate whether or not metadata of any kind truly exists in the actual files.


pls see attached screenshots

  1. 1/2 have some info re tag versions

  2. but i have discovered thhat this has turned into a (different) bug in MP3Tag

i discovered that if i click on the Artist field, the missing Artist name appears

NOTE: i refreshed first.

so anyway i did them all manually. just as well it was only a 100 or so files in this folder.

mp3tag-file-properties-21-06-2023 12-17-46

OK, so you did not answer any of the questions:

You did not supply a screenshot of the extended tags dialogue and also not of the mpeg options (which was not required so far but would help if you do not feel like answering the question of which tag version you have set to read and written).

The other dumps reveal close to nothing to find the source of your "weird error" where you even claim to have found

These are really strong allegations.

Yes. there are a lot of ways to solve a problem.
As you do not describe in what way you did it manually, you do not help other forum users to find a solution.
Other users, on the other hand, would perhaps like to see the answers to questions that so far you have not answered.
You on the other hand got your answers.
So I think it would only be good manners to join in on the dialogue and leave the monologue.

Well there is some hint from this image.
mp3tag-file-properties-21-06-2023 12-17-46
The tag info shows you have a mix of ID3v1, ID3v2.3, and APEv2.

Usually this is a result of having different apps writing tag info to your files at different times. So this is likely the issue, and needs to be cleaned up.

There are plenty of threads here already on how to do this, so no point repeating that here.

duh. as i said, and implied, more than once, incl above, I CLICKED ON EACH MISSING ARTIST FIELD MANUALLY, ONE BY ONE

PS as this has only just happened when i was simply editing Titles as i have done for a month w/o a problem, and with no any Tag versions changes, i doubt that is the prob.
seeing it hasn't happened before, i wonder if there was some caused by playng tracks in AIMP (to identify Artist), and concurrently, editing Title in MP3Tag; but that doesn't quite seem logical, becuase if tere was some conflict, it should have complained, and/or not saved new Srtist (which it did)

That is one way.
Or you could have used F5 or Ctrl+T to read the tags of the selected files.
The dreaded documentation would have revealed that to you:

In which program did you edit the titles?

Do you have other programs that modify the tags?
You still have not supplied a screenshot of the MPEG options which would reveal what you read and write.

What is "it"?
Where do you see a conflict?

Please search the forum for threads that deal with the treatment of APE tags - and setup your system according to your expectations.

This will happen if you have the library option enabled, and have made any changes to the file outside of mp3tag after it was indexed.

When you highlight a file, the changes will be found and updated. You can refresh the library using File>Read tag (or Ctrl+T) to have all changes reflected.

In the Tags section of the settings, there is a place where you can choose to read, write, and remove any of these different tag versions. This is how I have my personal settings as an example.

There are several threads about how to copy all tags and save them to have only whatever tag version you prefer. I would recommend ID3v2.3 still for the widest compatibility, but this really depends on what programs you are using and the tags they can use. Unless you have a very specific reason to have APE tags, that would be the first to go, IMO.

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many thanks for advice and comments

as per my previous, Refresh did NOT reflect chnages

Please show us the MPEG options in your program (3rd time now for this request)

  1. i have read/do read the manual EXTENSIVELY, and usually have about 10 tabs open to sections in the Manual. try not to be so constantly patronizing. apart from anything else, i have more years expewrience in IT and Web than you have prob been alive, and even if not, you should treat MP3Tag users with more respect..

and it would be great if the manual actually had a SEARCH function, you know, like most Manuals. :wink:

and even then, WHAT exactly would i search for???

i have no idea what F5 does, and would i know that it was even relevent? a vision?

  1. as per attachement. I TOld YOU at the beginning i was editing in MP3Tag, and that was implicit throughout.

  2. only is AIMP does

  3. i have no idea what you are talking about

  4. 'it' would be MP3Tag OBVIOUSLY. and I DIDN'T see a conflict or error - that was my point

btw, do you have a problem with English as ESL?

  1. i have no idea what they are or how to get rid of them as advised in other helpful replly, but i can check

i point out that, atm, all the tracks are as MP3Tag (or AIMP or MUsicBee) left them

MP3Tag is the only tag editor

thank you for comments

I'd tread lightly here if you want to keep your forum access intact. This is exactly the type of response that got you suspended recently.

Without the screenshot of your Extended tags and the options that have been requested, there isn't much else to answer for you.

just rereading this to check what to do.
if yoiu say get rid of APE whatever that means, why is it enabled in yr example? :slight_smile:

ah i see you READ APE but do not write it

ok. so i adj Tag settings, and then ran 'Read Tags'

so that should do the trick right?

it won't necessarily FIX any current problem i think :slight_smile: but presumably makes the data cleaner/neater anyway. and i love to be neat. :slight_smile: