Artist, Composer and Year dropdown list

The genre section allows to add custom genres. Manually added genre can be selected through a dropdown list. Can the same be achieved in case of artist, composer and year field?

see here: /t/18317/1
(as an example)
or even older, here: /t/8207/1

and another link from August 2017: Request:Pre-defined menu's

Thank you ohrenkino for replying. I have read the links that you provided. It seems that there is no hope. But yet I would like to request you to reconsider the feature request. This is needed to prevent spelling errors. As you have recognized that spelling errors make genre work improperly, I hope that you will also accept that wrong spelling of artists makes the tagging fruitless. It is near impossible to write artist's name each time correctly.

Anyways, my heartfelt gratitude to the MP3Tag team for the creation and the continual support.

I would like to point out that I am just a participant in this forum. There is no other connection to the developers as you have.

True, I also see spelling mistakes as a source for irritation.

Yet, I do not think that long lists of strings would help a lot.
Especially long lists of numbers where 4 digits could be typed in much quicker than scrolling through the list, do not advertise this feature.
Still unresolved is the topic how to maintain such lists. When and how should an item be added and how do you edit or delete it?
I would say that any list with more than 100 entries becomes more or less useless.
So in the end, you can resort to either ...
... create a number of "Format value" actions that enter specific data (e.g. artist names), or
... load similar tracks, select the new files plus one that is already tagged correctly and select the correct data from the respective dropdown list.

The good thing is: these features are already there. It is up to you to use them.

The artists list can be created as we now create genre, can't we?

Ok. I'll try them.

Thanks to you again.

Just for completion and to close this topic: this has been added as Custom List Values with Mp3tag v3.18.