Artist Displaying Incorrectly in WMP !

hey all,
i dont know if im posting in the right forum but here goes.

ive been tagging a set of mp3's by an artist called "Dev/Null", now when i tag this in the "artist" and "album artist" fields in mp3tag i have no problem at all, but when i import it into wmp11 (i had this problem with wmp10 too) the "album artist" name is displayed correctly but the "contributing artist" field displays as "Dev;Null" or "Dev;Null;Null", and when imported into the "now playing" list just displays "Dev". this also is the same with compilation tracks by this artist and also "V/Vm" does the exact same thing.
when i open them back up in mp3tag everything is as it should be. iv tried editing them in wmp11 instead with no success, tried changing the tag types in mp3tag and re-importing them but again no success.
i realize this is more than likely an issue with wmp11 but im at my tethers end (& had no success even posting for help on the microsoft website), so if you could help it would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

Hmm, well, there might be a way ...
Obviously there is a conflict between the name of the artist and some world famous software applications. So send a message to the artist and push him to rename himself to get a better compatible artist name in order to be listed in the music catalogues without presentation problems. :wink:


lol, that is a good idea as its to much of an inconvenience for me to change my player or convert to wma. if he was to change it to Dev-Null that would solve everyones problem, no probs with tagging or it reading in! :stuck_out_tongue: assuming this is yet another minor niggle with microsofts "finest" that they aint gonna sort out because it would probably only take them an hour to put right? <_<