Artist & featuring formatting


I recently discovered how Win7 windows explorer uses Artist field to show Contributing Artists separately. so I formatted the Artist field to Artist separated by "/". Like:

ARTIST: Benny Benassi/Kelis/APL/Jean-Baptiste

& now I want to use this field in file names formatted like: (in tags - filenames Dialog)

Benny Benassi Ft. Kelis, APL & Jean-Baptiste

in my collection there are tracks that have from 1 to 4 contributing artists & I want this to work with all of them as follow:

Artist: A
Output: A

Artist: A/B
Output: A Ft. B

Artist: A/B/C
Output: A Ft. B & C

Artist: A/B/C/D
Output A Ft. B, C & D

Artist: A/B/C/D/E
Output: A Ft. B, C, D & E

Would it be possible Guys??

Thanks :smiley:

I'm only on my fone atm but I will try and help.

Try this (You have to put these in one single action group for this to work:)

If you want the FILENAME format:
%artist% - %title%

Format field: _FILENAME
Format : %artist%

For: Benny Benassi NO ACTION NEEDED

Action #2
For: Benny Benassi/Kelis
Exp: ^(.+)/(.+)$
Replace: $1 Ft. $2

Action #3
For: Benny Benassi/Kelis/APL
Exp: ^(.+)/(.+)/(.+)$
Replace: $1 Ft. $2 & $3

Action #4
For: Benny Benassi/Kelis/APL/Jean-Baptiste
Exp: ^(.+)/(.+)/(.+)/(.+)$
Replace: $1 Ft. $2, $3 & $4

Action #5
For: Benny Benassi/Kelis/APL/Jean-Baptiste
Exp: ^(.+)/(.+)/(.+)/(.+)/(.+)$
Replace: $1 Ft. $2, $3, $4 & $5

Format field: _FILENAME
Format : %_filename% - %title%

Test on a small amount of files first.

Thanks It worked but with some small changes (figured out by looking through Help file)

EDIT: Sep 8 2013:
I Actually figured out the better solution.
I edited this post to avoid pumping up an old thread.

So my new solution is:

Hope this would help somebody...

good to see your getting a grasp of reg exp.

The e.g (.+)/(.+) is basically the same outcome because (.+) searches everything UNTIL it meets '/' so saying find everything exept '/' until '/' reads basically the same. :slight_smile:

from what I tried with my files, the e.g (.+)/(.+) matches "A/B/C" taking "A/B" for the first part & "C" for the second.

It's not the same. (.+)/ searches until the last / char

Here's a good explanation:
Watch Out for The Greediness

As ive said im on me fone so didnt have a chance to test the action first. My bad.