Artist Field Duplicated By (# of Tracks) Times

I'm new to MP3 tag, but I've noticed this isn't limited to MP3tag, but I didn't know where else to ask. Essentially, everything works fine, but if I ever make a SINGLE adjustment to the tags to .flac files using WINDOWS (the properties of the file to manually edit tags) it proceeds to duplicate the Artist name to however many tracks there are in said album, but does not show this in the properties menu. VLC media player, MP3tag, etc. all show that the artist is now "Desiigner Desiigner Desiigner Desiigner - Track 1", and I haven't a clue why it's doing this. Image attached to show what I mean. Is there any way to make it not do this? Luckily it's not a problem because I've now migrated to MP3tag but occasionally I make minor quick changes on the fly and forget that it absolutely destroys my files if I do that.

Edit: Just messed with it again to see what I could trigger, and I had everything tagged nicely, but I went and made a letter lowercase in ONE file and after putting it back into MP3Tag, 2 random songs (not related to the one I modified) duplicated the Artist tag and the Genre tag about 3/4 times even though the album had 13 tracks. I'm beyond confused

The double-backslash shown in MP3tag indicates that you got multi-value fields in the file which are several fields of the same type.
Apparently, Windows is no good editor for flac files. So don't do it with Windows.

To check whether you really got multi-value fields, select a single file,
press Alt-T to open the extended tags dialogue and check how many fields you have of each type.

In MP3tag there are 2 actions that deal with such fields: Merge duplicate fields which does exactly that so that you end up with all the data form all the previously duplicate fields merged to a single field.
The other one "Remove duplicate fields" discards of all duplicate fields and their data except the first.
So, see what is best for you.
You find more information about these actions in the help.

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