Artist images

Is there a way to embed artist's images besides front cover so that i could see artist's image rather than album cover in ios 10 ?

When importing an image, you can set as what kind of image that should be treated. In the action "Import cover" you have a list of categories, in the context menu of the image in the GUI, you can set the cover type.
If you keep the already existing pictures, the new image gets added.

thank you very much for your help
I imported all fields such as band, leadartist etc to mp3 files still no icon showing at ios10 at artist's images

You could now ask them at Ios to find out which attribute they evaluate.
Or you edit a file in Ios so that it shows the artist picture and then see what that means in MP3tag.
Or it could be that ios maintains its own database ...

As far as i know the problem with iso10 is that artist's images are automatically embedded with itunes. It is an annoying problem that you can not edit them.

So it is an ios internal problem ...
Anyway: perhaps you have noticed that there are numerous attributes that can be assigned to an embedded picture. Perhaps, if "artist" does not work, "leading artist" might ... I don't know.

There is a German thread that has a link to the dougscripts that exports an itunes cover from the itunes database into the mp3 file
perhaps that clarifies the problem.

Thank you for your interest and time. I think i will wait for ios10 jailbreak and export mp3 files from the device and see how the artist image is defined