Artist name randomly being capitalized

Hey there. Been using mp3tag for a while now, and I've really come to appreciate how easy it is to use. Just today though, when editing a few songs, I came across an admittedly minor problem that's been bugging me.

I've a song (and several instrumental covers of it), and the artist is spelled with all lower case (the artist's name being "fhána"). However, for some of the songs (the original, and two of the 4 instrumental covers), my Samsung phone is displaying the artist as "Fhána". It's a minor thing, to be sure, but it is annoying me, since I can't figure out why it's happening.

I've experimented a little, and even something as minor as adding an extra letter to the end of the name (so "fhánaa", for example) will show it without the capitalization, and even just changing the name of another file to the same as one of the issue-files will cause it to be capitalized, so it's not a file-specific issue.

Edit - I should also mention, that trying to capitalize the files whose artists aren't capitalized doesn't work either. They stay lower-case.

My apologies if any of this is unclear - I'm a bit new to the tech side of things, so any help would be appreciated.

Edit 2 - I should also note that when opening the files in a third-party app on my phone (VLC media player, not the default Google Play Music), it displays the artist's name correctly).

It is a little unclear to me what we are talking about:
the tag fields or the filename?
Is it a display problem in MP3tag and the result of an action or is it a problem how the player displays the data?

The tag fields. The file name is fine, but when opened with Google Play Music (the app I use), the artist's name is displaying inconsistently (for some versions, it's capitalized, and for others, it's not, when it should be consistently lower-case).

If the data shows as it should in MP3tag, I am afraid, that MP3tag cannot do anything about that what some other application makes of it.

What you could check: are there other tag versions in the file than ID3Vx (my favourite: APE) and could it be that the data in the APE tag still shows the old, upper case names?
For a single file see the extended tags dialogue and have a look at the window title: if that shows APE somewhere then you should check which tag versions you read in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg.
If you do not read APE, then tick that option and see if it makes any difference.
In general, life would be easier without APE tags, yet sometimes MP3gain data is stored in them.

As someone who isn't too familiar with that stuff, would you mind walking me through how to do that?

In MP3tag select a single file that does not show the expected case.
Press Alt-T to open the extended tags dialogue.
Check the window title: does it say "APE" somewhere in the title?

If that is so, then that means that you do not only have ID3Vx tags but also an APE tag in the file. Both tag versions may be out of sync.
Close the extended tags dialogue.

So, to see whether the data is out of sync, check the settings to read, write and delete tags:
Open Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg.
If the setting to read APE tags is off, then switch it on, close the settings dialogue and re-read the file.
Does this show any difference to the state before?
If you see empty fields right now (e.g. you do not see the title or artist anymore: don't panic, they are still there, you just don't see them at the moment)
Open the extended tags dialogue again and see which fields are actually filled with data.
If you see nothing really important, then it is safe to delete APE tags - but it also means that this the presence of APE tags is not the cause for the different appearance in your player.
After you have finished your investigation, switch off reading and writing APE tags again.

It seems like there's no such problem. Guess it's something to do with how music player apps work, because aside from VLC media player, most other third party apps are displaying the same thing (and I'm unable to change the data for some reason, in-app). Guess I'll have to suck it up. :confused: