Artist name

Hello again,

I would like to know if it is possible to have only one artist name for a CD even if there is two band.

I'll explain...
In Itunes, you can choose by type, artist or cd.
I have a CD that has two artists (e.g. : the Mighty Diamonds meet Don Carlos)
I also have CD's of the Mighty Diamonds and some of Don Carlos.
But the thing is that in Itunes I have 3 artists :

  • the Mighty Diamonds meet Don Carlos
  • the Mighty Diamonds
  • Don Carlos

I would like if it is possible to have only two.
I would like the CD that have two artists to go in Don Carlos folder and in Mighty Diamond folder.

Sorry for my crap English!! Hard to explain.
Thank you for telling me if it's possible to do something like that with Mp3tag

I don't have iTunes installed here to test, but did you try to add two artist fields to those files, one containing "the Mighty Diamonds" and the other one containing "Don Carlos"?

It was a good idea... But it doesn't work... :frowning:

Thank you sebastian

Far as I know, iTunes does not support this. Neither does the iPod, which is annoying.


It would be really good if there was a way to do something like that.

I just saw in the tag panel, MIXARTIST.
Is this tag can be used to do what I want or it doesn't work with Itune?