Artist sort, anyone?

Does anyone use the sorting name for artists, and how do you deal with multiple artist?

The decision to use artistsort depends mainly on the player, I think.
Only if the player can deal with that field is it worthwhile to think about a solution.
It makes sense for artists where it is not quite clear where to look for them:
Do you look for R.Kelly under "R" or under "Kelly"?
Or: The Beatles called themselves "The Beatles" or just "Beatles". ARTISTSORT could deal with it without loosing the original information.
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young should stay the way the name suggests,
Earth, Wind & Fire should not become Wind, Fire, Earth & ...

In short: it is up to you.

I know how sorting works; I just wanted to know if there's some standard way to do it for multiple artists.

Your questions make sense.

I already had the same issue, but I think there is no standard, besides the well known of passing the articles to the end (like, "The Beatles" -> "Beatles, The"). I really dislike this method and I never use it in anything, because it's artificial and it may become extremely confusing at times.
So I always use the integral name of artist, album, movie, track or whatever.

I decided to put the AlbumSort to good use, so I created my own serial number for them.
This way I always have my albums ordered per artist, which is very helpful when browsing for long collections (Gandalf, Vangelis, Yanni, Enya, etc.)

In the case of the Artist Sort I haven't had any trouble yet in Instrumental and Pop Music.
But In classical music, this will be an issue, because I really want my favourite composers to appear first (e.g. Haydn, Mozart, Bach, etc).
So I'll do what I am already doing in AlbumSort (when I start organising my Classical discography).
I will do the same for the Artist Sort in Classical music, for the reason mentioned.
This is "my personal standard". :slight_smile:

Hopew this will help a bit.
And let me hear what you think of this and please make any suggestion to improve. :slight_smile:

I actually meant the standard way of handling sorting names when you use multiple "artist" fields instead of "artist" = "Artist 1/Artist 2/Artist 3", because then you would also have multiple "artist sort" fields and the player has to connect the pairs somehow.

I don't really understand this.

I don't put more than one artist in the Artist Field. When I have more than one I only put the main artist in the Artist field, and all the others on the AlbumArtist field, which is why it exists.

Check these links:
here you get the relation between the ofitial ID3 names and the tags used in Mp3Tag.
Here you can read this:

The 'Lead artist(s)/Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)/Performing group' is used for the main artist(s). They are seperated with the "/" character. 


The 'Band/Orchestra/Accompaniment' frame is used for additional information about the performers in the recording. 

It means that the AlbumArtist field is the right place to put all other artists, and not the main lead artist. After all, leading (as in Lead Artist) is done by one person only (or a band), not by all performers, otherwise it wouldn't be a lead. :slight_smile:

As for the Serial number, it is simply a sequential and unique number as: 1, 2, 3, and so on, that uniquely identifies a field, in this case, an Album. Just that.
It is very useful to sort too, because it's a simple sort by only one field, whereas if you sort by year, for instance you might not get it right in cases when an artist has more than one album in the same year (unless you also add the month, which is what I do, but that takes another field.
Even so, you might get a double CD set, in which case you want the CD 1 to appear first, so again that ID may help.
That's how I use it.
But it's not critical if you don't use it. You will be able to handle your library anyway.

Yes, I use ARTISTSORT and ALBUMARTISTSORT on most albums. For multiple artists, it depends on several things:

  1. The way multiple values in a field are tagged.
  2. The tagging software.
  3. The player software.

If you're tagging with a system that expects multiple ARTIST tags, such a Flac's Vorbis comments, then you might have

ARTIST=Paul Smith
ARTIST=Nate Johnson

Technically speaking, these have no expected order, and could be written or read in any order. But Mp3tag does write them in order if you have 'Don Smith\\Nate Johnson' in a field value. Then it will depend on whether your player software always reads and associates them in the order written.

When tagging Flac files with multiple artists, I leave the ARTISTORT field out.

On the other hand, with a system that uses a separator for designating multiple values, I think it's safer to add an ARTISTSORT tag.

ARTIST=Paul Smith;Nate Johnson
ARTISTSORT=Smith, Paul;Johnson, Nate

This will always be written as-is by the tagger, and pretty much every player that recognizes both tags will use them in the correct order. However, you need to be sure about the player. Even though a piece of software may break up the ARTIST tag using the separator, it might not break up ARTISTSORT.