Artist tag empty, but artists display in another software

In mp3tag, I select "blank" for an mp3 file.

When I play that file in jriver mediacenter, I see a long artist name, including multiple artists : "Holland Baroque/Deborah Cachet/Alex Potter/Mirko Ludwig/Dominik Worner".

Where are those artists coming from ?

In mp3tag, I don't see them looking at the extended tags (alt-t).

Check in Options>Tags>Mpeg which tag versions you read and which tag versions are present in the files.
E.g. APE tags may be in the files but if you do not read them with MP3tag you don't see their contents.

In Tags, Mpeg, I had ID3v1 and ID3v2.

I tested each one individually, ID3v1, ID3v1, and APE.
I still don't see those artists.

Could you post a screenshot of the extended tags dialogue of a single file that shows the additional data?
It is important that it si only a single. file.

I've removed all the tags :

But in media center :

So, those artists must be somewhere in the file !

If I update the artist in mp3tag :

Then in media center it's also updated :

Then, if I empty the "artist" tag, the previous artists shows up in media center.

Thank you for the screenshots. For me they show that tere are no APE tags.
It is also possible that the player keeps a cache where it stores the data.
What happens if you rename the file?
Also, you could filter for
%_id3v2_unknown_frames% PRESENT
and see if any binary or special frames are present in the tags.

Ok, it must be an issue with media center that was not updating the tags...

Thank you!

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