Artist Tag


New to the forum...

I thoroughly f'd up my music....need help!

Under 'artist' I used tag - tag and added 'in the Style Of' then artist listed.

So an example: "in the Style Of Motley Crue" is there any way to undo the "in the Style Of"? and keep the Motley Crue piece?

When I did this change I also applied it to the filename which in hindsight I probably shouldn't have. I was experimenting with various scripts.

Any help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

I guess while we are at it. I will also need to remove it from the filename too......

Ok figured out the artist piece using this script. Works good. replace the word 'The' with the offending word and have
it removed. Use Tag - Tag and Artist.


Now I just need to figure out how to remove it from the file name!

Any help?????

When you have no artist or title fields to pull from, and only filename. Need to remove 'In the style Of' from filename now only.

So my string looks like this in filename:

Airplanes_In the Style Of BOB ft Hayley Williams.mp3

for example....

I have no title or artist to correct it from. That I know how to do....

I need to correct filename first by being able to delete "In the Style Of" somehow from this script above. From there once deleted I can then create title and artist tag.

I have many upon many to do this with as I said when I started this post I thoroughly f'd up my collection.....

I got it... use the filename to title and artist, then use the script from above to remove the offending material then rewrite the filename from title and artist back to filename. I think that will work? Maybe there is an easier way to do it, but nobody is responding to me telling me otherwise?

That was 4 in the morning local time - usually I am asleep at night.

For a filename like
Airplanes_In the Style Of BOB ft Hayley Williams.mp3

you can use the function Convert>Filename-Tag
Pattern: %artist%_In the Style Of %title%
(or is it the other way round in respect to fields?) Anyway: there is a preview where you can see the probable result.
Filenames that do match the pattern, will not fill the tag fields.
It may be worthwhile to check the filter functions to seen the files that still need treatment.

Those ''in the style of'' are covers from the original, that you've d/led from Deezer.
If you remove that part, you have no clue you either are listening to the original or the fake.