Artist/Title-tag -> Various ?


I've searched the forums but I still don't understand how to make this work:
I have a few various artist albums, where the artist tag is seperate names, and I want them to say "Various Artists" istead.

So how do I do this? I have a file : Title: 99 problems, Artist : Jay-Z, but what I really want is : Title : Jay-Z / 99 Problems, Artist : Various Artists.

Is there a way to fix this wtihout me having to write them all in manually. None of the records are in the CDDB database, I've tried that.

Thanks for the help,


well I would do like this:

  • write tags to files: %track% - %artist% - %title%

then write files to tags: %track% - %title%

after this you will have "Jay-Z - 99 Problems" in Title.

then use "Actions" to replace string " - " by " / "
it is possible to apply actions only to "Title"

then "View" and "Tags" and place "Various Artists" in "Artist" and you're done.

Very long but if you have lot of them it will save you a lot of time.



Hi dontomaso!

A shorter solution:
Make a new Action with two actions of type "Format Tagfields" (or something like this, I don't have english translation here) inside of it.

First sub-action: Field: TITLE

Format String: %artist% / %title%

Second sub-action: Field: ARTIST

Format String: Various Artists



I have solved the problem with a Sampler this way:
I put the text "Sampler" into the ID2V2 field MEDIATYPE and leave the title and artist as they are. Only for export I have special requests like


This works quite fine.