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I am new in MP3Tag. I must say that it looks very very amazing application. Anyway, I am using Plex for my music and it seems that it likes to have an Album Artist in order to show nice in the list. I would like to copy all my Artist field to the album Artist, for all the songs in my list. I am sure this is possible, but i have no idea how to make it happen...

Any ideas would be appreciated!

  1. load up all files in mp3tag, select all files
  2. from mp3tag menu:
    Convert > tag to tag
    select format string popup:
    FORMAT STRING: %artist%
    then hit OK.

Obviously test on a album or two before you do this to your complete collection as a batch.

AFAIK the field is called ALBUMARTIST without blank

thanks. I get confused between ALBUM ARTIST, ALBUMARTIST between mp3tag, dbpoweramp, foobar2000, etc.

Great stuff, thank you guys!


I tried to copy Tag Interpret to Composer - it did not work - see appendix.
What was wrong?


preview.txt (1.41 KB)

Have you filled the user-defined field INTERPRET? Check the extended tags dialogue for that.

If you use a standard field for the artist, it is probable ARTIST or ALBUMARTIST.
See here for a list of field names:


Thanks - one step foreward!
The colum Interpret is the artist field - I renamed now the colum
When I try to convert, the colum artist is emptied, but nothing arrives in composer.

Is there I further idee?

Thats because you are writing the content of the composer-tag to the artist-tag.
As the composer-tag is empty, the artist-tag will get empty too.
You have to do it the other way round:
Format-String: %artist%


okay - that was not clever ......... :frowning:
It Works - thanks a lot! :rolleyes: