Artist to Albumartist action

I have this action group, with 3 actions. It basically copy's artist to albumartist, then trims off anything from "ft." to the end of the field. The good is that it works perfectly if the artist has a featured artist in the field. The bad is that if the artist doesn't have "ft." in the field, it removes the tagging from the albumartist field, leaving it blank. I have tried tweaking it, but keep getting the same outcome. Anyone have a solution for this?

Import tag fields “%ARTIST%”:%ALBUMARTIST%

Format tag field “ALBUMARTIST”:$if($strstr(%ALBUMARTIST%,' ft.'),$left(%ALBUMARTIST%,$strstr(%ALBUMARTIST%,' ft.')),$ignore_error)

Format tag field “ALBUMARTIST”:$trim(%ALBUMARTIST%)

You could try an action of the type "Guess value"
Source: %albumartist%
Target: %albumartist% ft. %dummy%

Hmmm, not sure where that fits into my actions, but I’ll look into it, and fiddle with it.

It's the substitute for the action where you cut the "ft."

No guess value in actions on mac os?

It's called Import tag fields on Mac (which I find more appropriate, but it's hard to change now for the Windows version).

Please post under #mac if it's about the Mac version.

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Perfect! Thanks
Why do I feel like I over complicated that on Windows, but dealt with it because filtering ft. in or out made it quick to do.

Import tag fields “%ARTIST%”:%ALBUMARTIST
Format tag field “ALBUMARTIST”:$trim(%ALBUMARTIST%)

This will add the string "ft." to the contents of the field ALBUMARTIST - was that the intention?

Didn't add it. Just copied artist to albumartist, removed everything from ft. to the end, and also allowed any artist without ft. in it, to just copy over to albumartist (old action would delete albumartist if the artist didn't have ft. in it).
Not sure if that was the intention with the guess dummy, but works the way I need it to.

You wrote

which should have been "Import tag fields".
"Format tag field" adds the "ft." at the end.

Correct, did a lot of copying and pasting from text files. Posted the wrong solution, just edited that post/reply.

Import tag fields “%ARTIST%”:%ALBUMARTIST
Format tag field “ALBUMARTIST”:$trim(%ALBUMARTIST%)

... and if you modify that function to
Import tag fields “ALBUMARTIST”:%ALBUMARTIST% ft.%DUMMY%
then you don't need the action to trim ALBUMARTIST.

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Ok, will get rid of that than.