Artists with dashes in their names

Good afternoon all,

I am trying to work myself around the following issue here.
I have a very simple setup where I just make the filenames nice and clean and then want to filename to tag for just artist and title.

as a seperator I use a dash
Michael Jackson - Thriller.mp3 is all I want and it works perfectly.
I write the tag from filename and it puts it exactly where I want it.

There's a problem though when there's a dash in the artist name.
MP3tag thinks that first dash is the seperator and will do something like this:

T-Rex_-_Unicorn(downloaded from
Becomes T - Rex - Unicorn.mp3
But in tags it says for artist: T
and for title: Rex - Unicorn

Is there a way to work around this?

Thanks in advance.

You have to find the really unique identifier.
The examples you suggest that the michael jackson filename actually has blank-dash-blank as separator (I bet you ended up with an extra blank behind Jackson).
The other example has underscore-dash-underscore as separator... So if you use that combination you would get T-Rex as one name.

Also, if you set a filter like
%_filename% MATCHES ".-.-"
you will find the files with 2 dashes in the filename.

You could then use the mask
to get T and Rex into the ARTIST field. You loose the hyphen, though.
So, if the identifier/separator is not unique or the pattern is not consistent if does not work.

Thanks for the reply ohrenkino!

I have been tinking, after I got all my stuff done over the file name it normally looks like:
artist - song.mp3
After that I write the tags from the filename with the guess values option.
As I mentioned before this fails me when there another - in the artist name

Is it possible to do a replace for only the first - ?
No matter where it is, but only if there is more then one
I could then remove the spaces from around the - hence making it the recognizable for the value guesser.

I am aware that this will mess up when there's an extra - in the title, but I'll take my chances.

The filter is actually a pretty good idea.
I tried it and it works half.
It writes the artist tag from part 1 or 2, not combining them :slight_smile:

I found a "simple" solution to my problem.

This is what I did now:

I made a new action group that runs after all my "normal" stuff is done.
#1 - replace - with - in the filename
#2 - replace with
#3 - Format value _FILENAME to %artist%-%title%
#4 Guess values %_FILENAME% %artist% - %title%
#5 - Format value _FILENAME to %artist% - %title%
#6 - Replace in TITLE - with -
#7 - Format value _FILENAME to %artist% - %title%

This makes from:
Nu-Matic - All Over Me (Test - Test).mp3
Nu-Matic - All Over Me (Test-Test).mp3 with artist: Nu-Matic and title All Over Me

So this also tackles my problem with dashes lateron in the filename
I am a happy camper.
Thanks for making me think :slight_smile: