Artwork default resolution

  • Is there any way to change the default 500x500 artwork resolution that the program searches for?
  • Can we add more places to get cover artwork from?

You do not tell us, which web source script you use.

And: here /c/web-sources-scripts
you find many more web sources, perhaps one of your liking.

Whatever the default is. Didn't know this had anything to do with a web source script. I'm just seeing this as software that has a feature that I use. I don't know anything about its programming.

I do not ask this without purpose as the "default" depends on the last web source script you called.
The source is usually mentioned in the dialogue title.

When I select Cover Art, the only options I get are and It says, I have a search string I use online that lets me search for artwork of a certain size in google images. I'd love to be able to use that here.

Here is a link to the Google images web source script:

Thank you. I don't see anywhere in that string the option to search a minimum px by px?

Oh, I thought you had a string to search for a certain resolution with Google. You may be able to adapt the script.

I habe a special URL search string, yes. But entering it into mp3tag just brought up an error.

Where did you enter that URL search string in Mp3tag?

I followed this... [WS] Google Images Cover Search