Artwork description tag


I'm new to this piece of software. I couldn't find any "description" tag field for artwork. I've looked at extended tags settings but there isn't any specific field either. Am I missed anything?

You have to right-click on an image to get the input option for a description.
There you can also modify the picture type.

Thank you!

Now how can I remove multi selected files cover description at once? I can remove one by one, I can modify and change to new description at once, but how to remove for multiple files?

Currently, there is no direct way. The German part of the forum has a thread for a feature suggestion and a bug report: Cover Beschreibung bei mehreren MP3s löschen
So you are not alone.

The only way I can think of is:
Export the covers to a file,
then re-import the covers from file again and replace the existing embedded images.
This gets rid of the description.

If the covers, cover-type and the description in the selected files are the same (you can see a cover and a description in the tag panel), you can delete them by set the description again and leave the text-field for the description empty.