Artwork embed (different from what's here I think) :)

I am fully aware on how to embed artwork if it's in the same directory. Here is my situation. I have 1 folder that is full of albums. They are named as follows:

Artist1 - 2000 - Albumnamehere1
Artist1 - 2002 - Albumnamehere2
Artist2 - 2001 - Albumnamehere1
Artist2 - 2006 - Albumnamehere2
Artist2 - 2010 - Albumnamehere3

I have another folder that has all of my artwork in it. Inside that folder is as follows (an example)
Artist1 - 2000 - Albumnamehere1.jpg
Artist1 - 2002 - Albumnamehere2.jpg
Artist2 - 2001 - Albumnamehere1.jpg
Artist2 - 2006 - Albumnamehere2.jpg
Artist2 - 2010 - Albumnamehere3.jpg

So as you see, both the directory of the album and the jpg are exactly the same name. The problem is, they are in different directories and I'd rather not move 1,500 pieces of art to each individual album. Is there a string I can use for the action:embed art feature that will allow me to pull all the art for each separate album from a different directory other that itself?

Thank you tons for a solution. Will save me hours.


{path to artwork folder}\%_directory%.jpg

You can use an action "Import cover from file", you know this already.
In the dialog there is on edit line titled "Format string for image file name", you know this already.
Build a proper format string. If necessary, then use the Mp3tag scripting language to create a format string, which fits to your needs.
Press OK.


I am 99% sure I tried this but perhaps I had the string wrong. At work currently but will be back here after I get home and try it out. Maybe I didn't have the {} in there or the path was wrong.

Anyways, I'm praying. Thanks for the quick replies both of you :slight_smile:

I'll be back!

No, {} doesn't belong in the path, I just used it to separate your path from the rest of the string.

This worked liked an absolute charm! Free beers or lemonade for all!