Artwork for 45 rpm singles

I have 400 m4a files of 45 rpm singles. I have 400 jpg files of corresponding artwork for each single (a picture of the record label). Corresponding files have the same names, but with different extensions (for example, Mama Lou.m4a & Mama Lou.jpg). I want to embed each jpg image into it's corresponding m4a file. Just wondering if there's an easy way to do this.

There is an action to get covers from files:
If the filename and the TITLE really match, you can use as
Format String: %title%.jpg

The import will fail if the title and filename do not match.
You can filter for files without embedded cover with
%_covers% MISSING

Thanks! Unfortunately that doesn't work for what I'm trying to do. My example was not 100% accurate. The filenames are a bit more complex. A better example would be "274. The Tads - Your Reason (Dot 15518).m4a" & "274. The Tads - Your Reason (Dot 15518).jpg".

That looks suspiciously like the filename - which is not the title.

You could still use the property "filename" as part of the
Format string: %_filename%.jpg

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Hahahahahaha! Yes. Quite suspiciously so.

Success! You are a genius. As well as a fabulous detective. Thank you so much, ohrenkino!

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