Artwork for FLAC files


Does anyone have a few instructions for adding artwork to flac files. I have tried:

  1. Tagging from amazon
  2. Manually adding PICTURE field and populating it with 3limage/jpeglll/cover.jpg.

Neither works, probably because I don't really understand what I'm doing. Artwork gets saved in the album folder, but does not appear when viewing extended tag.


You're not using the latest v2.37c according to your Mp3tag Version profile field. Cover Art for FLAC was added with the latest Development Build.

And please use only one way to communicate with the development team and not both mail and the forum.

I have been using MP3Tag for at least eight years, and find it an invaluable tool. The only problem I experience is some FLAC files will 1)not take the Artwork (JPeG) at all; 2) Some files will take the Artwork and it shows in the individual files on the PC.
In both Instances the Artwork will not display in My HEOS Controller (Amazon Fire), and my Digital Audio Player.
The vast majority (850 out of 1000+ Albums) display the Artwork correctly. I would like to know how to correct this problem.