Artwork size

First of all, Mp3tag is a fantastic tool, and I use it very often.

But strange things happens. If I add a jpg-file as cover art, the size of the cover art is twice as the original size when the job is done. If I ad a 50 kb jpg-file, it ends up as (about) 100 kb when I use Mp3tag for the job. If I extract the the cover art from the flac after I have added it, the file-size is twice as the original.
But if I use for instance dBpoweramp edit tool to add the jpg-file as cover art, the file-size ends up with the same size when i extract it from the flac. All this happens also for other formats (mp3, m4a, etc.

So how can i get the original file size for the cover art, also when I use mp3tag?

I use the latest version of mp3tag.

Thank you in advance!

How do you import the covers?
D&D or copy&paste from a source or with an action/extended tags dialogue from an already saved picture file?

Using D&D or c&p leads to an intermediate format in the clipboard that is usually bigger.

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

I usually google the covers with exact 600x600 pixels. Then I copy&paste. But this is the same method I use also in dBpoweramp.

You should not do this in MP3Tag.
Save the covers to files and import them manually one by one or by action for mass import.

For cover search I recommend Album Art Downloader
which can be configured in the Tools-menue to work with MP3Tag.
Mp3Tag & Album Art Downloader Tut