Artwork/some tags not showing on Android music player


I'm new to the forums, so please, be nice! :stuck_out_tongue: I'm one of those people who are not particularly good when it comes to technology, but I do cope when I get some very needed help!

I have iTunes installed on my computer and every single mp3 in my library has been edited to contain all the right info as well as the correct artwork. I don't have an iPhone but an Android phone, and I hate the fact that many of my mp3s don't show the correct info and are missing the artwork on my phone, and I was wondering if Mp3tag can help me solve this little problem.

Like, is there any way to edit the mp3s that might not contain the right info/artwork and save them in a way so the right tags and covers will show up on my Android phone?

It would pretty much be a dream come true if there was a way to do this, my OCD is killing me!

Hope someone will be nice to help me out, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance and I hope I was clear enough!

Maybe it is an issue with the version of ID3 tag you are using. Some files might have ID3v2.4 while others have ID3v2.3 while even others might be ID3v1. It's normal to have ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags at the same time. ID3v2.3 is very common and most devices and operating systems will recognize them.

I'd start there. Check and see what tags the ones with visible album covers on android have.

iTunes does not write all the info into the files but keeps it in its own database. So when you copy the files to the phone, you are left with the data in the files. What is actually in the files can be seen, when you load them into MP3tag.
If you have the requirement that tagging should cater for different target systems, it is better to use MP3tag from now on and use iTunes and other players as that what they are: players.

I think there are utilities around that force iTunes to really write the database contents to the files, but I do not know the name of any. Perhaps a little web search might help.

Thanks a lot for the replies, guys! I'm going on a trip for a week and won't have my computer with me, but I will get to work as soon as I'm back and try out your suggestions. Hope I manage to make it work in the end!

Oh my, really? I would LOVE to use one of those utilities. Going to start looking for them now because that would save me a lot of work. Thanks again!

I found this thread ...
Scroll down to post #12
which seems to have a solution.

That does sound like it might work! I don't think I will have the time to try this before I leave, but I will try as soon as I'm back and will let you know whether I succeeded or not, especially because it might help some people with my same problem.

Thanks again for the help!

I said I would let you know if any of your tips worked and I am happy to say this one did!

Thank you very much to everyone, I'm a happy man! :smiley: