artwork tag help please

I don't like to embed artwork. I prefer links in the tag to the artwork in my folder. I have a library structure like this...

\music\album artist\album (year)\music.mp3 (and .flac)
\music\album artist\album (year)\cdart.png
\music\album artist\album (year)\folder.jpg
\music\album artist\folder.jpg

Is there an action I can use to...
1- strip any embeded art from files
2- link album art from folder.jpg as album art
3- link media image from cdart.png
4- link artist image from (albumartist\folder.jpg)

If not possible or advised against that then I'd atleast like something that could do steps #1 and #2.

I've moved away from mediamonkey and had a script that did this so most my music is already setup like this.

Please provide a small example media file, which is tagged like this, in order to learn how you have stored the URL of the external file into the media file.

Action "Remove fields"
Fields to remove: COVER
... or ...
Fields to remove: PICTURE
... or ...
Fields to remove: COVER;PICTURE

Merry Christmas!

Here's a song uploaded to my onedrive. Please instruct me if you need something else. I just tagged this one for this example using musicbee, tagged it with an "cover", band" and "media label" with setting to, link to original image.

Also, will the "remove fields" using cover or picture as stated above remove the linked images I have or just embeded image data?

Thank you for your time.

Within the ID3v2.4 tag of the example file "1-10. 311 - Amber.mp3" I cannot see any data regarding "tagged it with an "cover", band" and "media label" with setting to, link to original image".


I checked this file in mediamonkey and could not say that I saw the links as expected either. I tagged a file in mediamonkey this way and could not see the art linked in musicbee. I wonder if this is just something that these software does internally according to my settings and not actually write this tag as URL. I never noticed as I always had the same settings. I also read on the id3v2... standards and it says something to the affect that images can be stored in image binary or URL formats. I'll enquire further with this software and do some more research.

Thank you for taking a look.