Assign Cover Images by text file


I am using "Textdatei - Tag" to assign Tags to MP4 files. That's the easiest way for me since I have all the data in a database and easy can automate this that way.

I also have all the cover art on a file system and the links to that files are available as well in the DB.

Unfortunately I was not able yet to load the images that way.

Is there a syntax in the format string that can load image files (JPG) when using a text file as tag import?

I already tried %_covers% and assigned the path to the image into that variable ... but with no success ...

To load the images manually is quite a hassle since I have to wait until each file is rewritten, wich may take a minute or so on 2G+ file sizes ....
When it is automated it can run in the background and I hardly care how long it takes :slight_smile:

Any ideas?



The only way I could think of:
import the path and filename of the cover to a user-defined field, e.g. %cover_path%
use an action of the type "Import cover" where you use the contents of %cover_path% as filename specification,
delete the field %cover_path%.

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Thanks a lot ... I Tried it right a way ...

It works a treat.

The only error I made was to put the path string in quote marks ... that caused some issues. But without it works perfectly fine ...

:smile: :+1:

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