assign hotkey on tag sources script

Would be nice to have this feature in the next mp3tag verson or in development version.

I'm so tired clicking everytime on the menu..

I'm already using alt+6 combo for actions menu - it helps me a lot!

I know I can use AutoIT or something, but I cba to install this software just for 1 functionality.

Would be nice to have an ability to assign custom keys for each menu entry inside the Tag Sources menu or any menu in MP3Tag.


i can donate 10$ if this can be added asap

tired of clicking each time on Tag Sources->Specific Web script when tagging 10000 releases


Has this issue been resolved? Would it be possible to address this issue using Tools?

You can add the ampersand as hotkey-indicator to the script name. A combination with Alt+underscored characters will open the script.

Do you know any MP3tag internal function that can be called with a tool? I only know ways to change the current folder.
So I doubt that there is currently a way to trigger a script with a tool.

CTRL + Shift + I will run the last script again.