Assign tags so that files will play in sequence

Sorry if this has been covered before, but I couldn’t find it on the first 3 or so pages of this forum. I downloaded this program in hopes that it would enable me to assign tags to MP3 files automatically so that they will play in the sequence I desire in my Sansa Clip MP3 Player. I'm afraid I am unable to discern how to do that simple task from the instructions that came with this program. An explanation that a normal person can understand would be helpful. Here is my situation: My music is arranged in folders with titles such as:
2007-08-18_Program 47-Podunk Symphony Orchestra
The files inside these folders are named such as:
01_Schnickeldorf-Symphony No. 10 in E minor

I wish to tag these files so that they will play in sequence, i. e.; the files in the Folder "2007-08-18_Program 47", then the files in the folder "2007-08-19_Program 48", and so on. A clear explanation of how to do that would be appreciated, after which I will be happy to contribute to this program's hosting and development.

I'm not sure whether the Sansa takes the names of directories into account or not. You can try to rename some of your files, so that the file name also includes the directory name. You can rename the files automatically using the converter Tag - Filename with a format string like


Hope this helps.


Thanks for your reply. I think it's possible that I've sorted this out. I created a folder containing 11 folders of MP3 music with names like: 2007-07-13_Folder name to: 2007-07-22_Folder name. Inside these folders are sequentially numbered files such as: 01_Intro. When I imported these into MP3Tag the files were all in the correct sequence although the track numbers were jumbled up and many were missing. I then clicked Tools-Auto-numbering wizard and used that to assign sequential track numbers to all the files. I am hoping that when I import these files into the player they will play in the correct sequence. We shall see.