Assign Track/Disc Info in Increments w/i Same Folder

Let's say I have 100 tracks all in the same folder & I want to divide them up into increments of 10 so that tracks 1-10 are assigned to disc 1 of 10... tracks 11-20 are assigned to disc 2 of 10, etc... Is there a way to use the auto-numbering wizard ALL in a one single function to perform this? I do this all the time disc-by-disc but it can be time consuming when you're dealing with thousands of tracks. Is there an 'increment' function of some sort that would allow this?

Many thanks,

The wizard uses a change of folder as trigger to increment the disc-number or to reset the track counter.

If you want to split a selection of tracks in 10s then an actions of the type "Format value" may help
To update TRACK:
Format string: $num($mod(%_counter%,10),3)
Format string: $num($add($div(%_counter%,10),1),3)
I am not quite sure if %_counter% is incremented each time you use it or on a per-track basis. So it could be that you have to run the action separately and not in an action group.

Thanks ohrenkino. I was trying to avoid having to create an action because I'd likely have to edit the action continuously depending on the project. If I have to edit the action, for me, it's simpler to just do it disc-by-disc using the wizard. But I do GREATLY appreciate the advice. :slight_smile:

The functions of the "Format value" action are also available in Convert>Tag-Tag.
There you can easily adapt the expression as the project goes along.

I'll play around with it & see if it's something that'll work for me. Thanks again!