Assign Track Numbers as part of an Action Group

Sorry if this has been discussed before; i looked around and couldn't find it…

Is there a way to execute the Assign Track Numbers process within the steps of an Action/Action Group? It would save some steps in our workflow if there were a way that it could.


You can add a sequential number with
Format tag field for TRACK
Format string: %_counter%

Thank you; that might work if i can figure out how to add a leading zero to the single digits…

Yup! It seems that 'Format tag field "TRACK": $num(%_counter%,2)' works… Awesome!

this will not work for mp4 files. mp4 tags don't have a leading zero.

When i apply it to .m4a files, it still works, but just ignores my request for a leading zero, which is fine in this application.

I just wanted to add that piece of information so that you are not disappointed in the end. But you found that out now, so everything is fine.

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