At A Loss Re Year/Date

Morning All

I have been tagging quite a bit of my back catalogue whereby the date in the year column shows as eg: 01-01-1980

I have changed this to show just the year (1980) and also deleted the date value in extended tags.

I use another application to catalogue my files (Music Bee) and the date within that app is still showing as 01-01-1980.

I don't know if this is anything to do with ID3 tags as in most cases ID3v1 is present, would it be worth my while to delete the ID3v1 tags to see if that changes anything



Do you have (also) APE tags in the files?
Apply a filter with
%_tag% HAS APE
to see these files.
If the file list stays empty, you are fine in respect to tags.

Then I would investigate your player and how to update a possilby existing cache.

A private word: ID3V1 tags feature only very little metadata. I would use ID3V2.3 tags.

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