Audio Books through Tag Sources

I have primarily used Mp3tag to refine the tags of converted audio book files. I use another freeware application to combine the multiple tracks into one track so that it is more convenient to listen to on my portable device. However, when converting several files into one long file, the tags and album cover art don't covert over well. At this point, I manually input the needed information which can take time and energy to locate over the net. I have tried on many occasions to use the Tag Sources resource to assist in locating the information but have never had any luck.
*Has anyone had success in locating audio book information through the Tag Sources option?
*If so, what suggestions would you have for me?
*Is there a way to make this easier to use for other users that may also be trying to do this?

There is the possibility to copy tags (inlcuding pictures) from one file to another. So you could pick the first of the short files, copy the tag and paste it to the long file.
You do know that mp3tag has many functions to adapt either the fields or the filenames so that also portable devices play the tracks in the correct order - perhaps this is easier than to create long single files.
Also, MP3tag has the function to import picture files in a batch procedure so that it is not generally necessary to do it manually.

As for the web sources: I cannot help you with this topic because I simply do not know.